PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Journey

After achieving PMP® certification, I am now pursuing the PMI-ACP® certification to upgrade the credential in project management, especially in the Agile way of working. Remember, the Survivor is not the strongest man, but he can adapt faster (Agile).

Actually, I’ve implemented the Agile way of working in real professional life. We already run the Scrum framework until 8 sprints with more less around 200+ user stories done. Some of the user stories are also to create initial standardized PMO templates that consist of Waterfall, Light-Waterfall (Hybrid), and Agile PMO templates. Thanks to Coach Athar, finally we have our own standardized tailored PMO templates.

Back to PMI-ACP® preparation. Currently, I am following the lecture in Udemy with Joseph Phillips as the Lecturer. Besides gaining the PDU as per PMI-ACP® requirement, I also get a deeper understanding of Agile. I will update this blog occasionally…

25 Nov 2022. I just 70% completed of the Udemy Joseph Phillips lecture.

26 Nov 2022. 100% completed the exam prep to get 21 PDU from Udemy Joseph Phillips. I completed this course in about 2 weeks in my spare time.

Exam Preparation – 21 PDU

29 Nov 2022. My first full exam simulation 120 questions result in 65.8%. More hard work is required, at least 75% then good to go for the real exam. Maan….actually Agile values & principles are quite simple, but the material is very broad and liquid, with many frameworks to understand with its tailored mode in some organizations. So, I think I have to do more exam+review to get the pattern.

30 Nov 2022. Register the exam on, with the experience description as below:

The project aimed creating Project Management Office dashboard as information radiator for the current running projects. The project using Power BI for the frontend, and develop the sharepoint portal as the backend. The dashboard features were incremently added through each iteration. A lot of tests and enhancement are made to encourage key stakeholder through usability, design, and feature enhancements.

Agile tools, techniques, knowledge skills and methods used on this project:

  • Creation of project charter and product vision.
  • Agile planning and prioritization techniques at backlog grooming, user story
    size estimation using planning poker.
  • Daily team stand-up meetings.
  • Frequent delivery and release (with sprint delivery schedule of 2 weeks).
  • Frequent verification and validation with customers/stakeholders.
  • Continuous improvement of process and product.

3 Dec 2022. My exam submission is under review.

PMI-ACP application, it has been 3 days still under review.

6 Dec 2022. exam application was approved last night. More hard work required.

PMI-ACP application approved!

13 Dec 2022. Just maintain the study while watching David McLachlan youtube, I am doing prepcast with result: You answered 7 out of 10 questions correctly – that is 70.00 % correct.

22 Dec 2022. Still maintain the study during holiday, while watching David McLachlan youtube I am doing prepcast with the result: You answered 38 out of 60 questions correctly – that is 63.33 % correct. That’s fine.

3 Jan 2023. Still failed, but improved on full simulation. You answered 81 out of 120 questions correctly – that is 67.50 % correct. That’s also fine.

Pre-real exam. Lots of going on, also got sick until the exam date, alhamdulillah still survive 🙂

12 Jan 2023. Exam date, this is it! Alhamdulillah passed the exam with AT!, praise the Lord Allah Almighty. Even though I am really sleepy since I drank the medicine due to salmonella typosa bacteria and Andru wakes me up again at 3am and wanna play..cannot refuse that hahaha :))

Lesson Learned:

  • If you already passed the PMP currently, just go for ACP since the material is almost the same. I said 60-70% the same. PMP now has a lot of Agile/Hybrid material. I took around 2 months after my PMP.
  • Never give up studying even though on vacation heheh, dua to God is a must.
  • Keep practicing AND review the result, in my experience I practice using PrepCast a lot, and also video youtube from David McLachlan, the question nothing the same..but the PATTERN are the same. That’s why you need to review after exam practice.
  • Keep healthy on the exam day 🙂

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