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PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Journey

After achieving PMP® certification, I am now pursuing the PMI-ACP® certification to upgrade the credential in project management, especially in the Agile way of working. Remember, the Survivor is not the strongest man, but he can adapt faster (Agile). Actually, I’ve implemented the Agile way of working in real professional life. We already run the Scrum framework until 8 sprints with more less around 200+ user stories done. Some of the user stories are also...


Project Management Profesional (PMP)® Journey

I did it finally! I passed the exam on 11/11/22 a perfect date and also a perfect gift for my birthday 😀 after few hours of struggling to do the exam test from 6pm until almost 12pm, almost 6 hours! because some technical issues. And I passed with AT, Allhamdulillah..praise the Lord. Since so many friends and colleagues asking how I pass my PMP Exam, one of the difficult exam-since the area/domain so wide –...


CBCI Certificate

As a DR Coordinator, I should have the GPG 2018-based knowledge and also the CBCI certification, Alhamdulillah praise the Lord I passed the exam.


Beda Waktu Beda Pemahaman

Biar ga ilang tulisannya, dan sebagai self reminder.  Dari orang yg saya kagumi, semoga beliau tidak keberatan tulisan beliau saya posting di blog saya. Buku yang sama, dibaca di waktu yang berbeda, akan beda maknanya. Film yang sama, ditonton di waktu yang berbeda, akan beda pesannya. Ilmu yang sama, didengar dari guru yang sama, di waktu yang berbeda, akan beda pemahamannya. Koq bisa? “Guru akan datang, saat murid telah siap” ~ Confucius Dalam terjemah bebas...


Just Lived again

While migrate server…resurrect my historical blog…yeay!! also make blogs for my family member : YEAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……new spirit…continues

Prepare for Hijrah 0

Prepare for Hijrah

Hijrah means move to better life. I will prepare for assignment abroad or other assignment. I will do my best for this,I will put all things to Allah swt, let Allah lead the way…aminn ya robbal alamiinn. -Posted from my BlackBerry-