Monthly Archive: April 2009

Jakarta, here I come.. 0

Jakarta, here I come..

Jakarta here I come..prepare your red carpet..handsome guy will be arrive soon, prepare your self..

Counting Days 0

Counting Days

These days are the “deg-degan day” (anxious days) for us :D, because our baby will born to this world in days not months again.. My wife pregnancy almost complete 9 month..

test picture 1

test picture

[singlepic=12,320,240,,] ini hanya mengetes semata..poto ini diambil waktu menang dooprize TV LG flat di IT family day di BDI Balikpapan.  Tapi, mesti basah-basahan dulu euy..puas dah ahh dikerjain abis-abisan..   *Dah ahh ngutak-atik blognya, cukup puas untuk hari ini.. go mobile! 0 go mobile!

I’ve already add mobile plug in to my lovely wordpress blog ( so you and I can see and update this blog from mobile phone! what an amazing fiture 😉 I really like this 🙂

Social Networking 0

Social Networking

Recent days so many social networking to keep us in touch with each other in internet world. Today I create account twitter and plurk..don’t know how actually I like twitter appearance, but plurk more useful to express our feeling or to update your activity to network (internet). Plurk and twitter are can categorized as microblogging, because it is only need a little word to update it, and we can use our mobile phone to update...

Heavy Rain in The Morning 0

Heavy Rain in The Morning

Today in Balikpapan is rainy day in the morning, I wish this is holiday 🙁 so I can wake up laateee.. 😀 …..ngarep :p

Fake Contractions 0

Fake Contractions

Just now, my wife got contraction on her stomach.. I am so panic, I thought my beloved child will came to this world.  But, then we realize that this is not the time, not yet, because my wife just already got 36 weeks we supicious that it is a fake I googling to find more details about this fake contraction, after knowing we discuss and we conclude that my wife only got fake...